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Do you understand all about your customer's purchasing patterns? Do you really know how profitable your distribution systems are? Who are your biggest competitors by volume or margin?
    The answers to these and other questions are somewhere in the vast data pool of your company, and often very well hidden . Our SAP based Business Warehousing application exports data from different platforms into a separate application where they are filtered and condensed to make them available to you as meaningful reports, summaries and analyses, available anytime, anywhere and practically in real-time.
Our Business Warehousing software does not require cost and time intensive programming of data extracts or meta data models Ė all data are accessed straight off the SAPís standard modules. The Orgit model takes into account your existing business management models and is open for all internal and external data sources.
Orgit GmbH provides all-in support in all aspects of your new Business Warehouse from planning through procurement and installation to a successful go-live.
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